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Disciplining our children toward good attitudes, thoughts  and behaviors is by far one of the best things we can do for them.


Do the best with the most amazing people

至2001年开始,我们决定创办English Annex,我们选择与态度良好的家长进行合作,他们尊重老师,信任老师,配合老师。我们为他们在学习和生活中提供专业而卓有成效的指导与帮助。



I am a Canadian that has been living in Fuzhou for the last 15 years. I have been working with children and their families for over 20 years both in China and Canada.I have studied sociology and psychology focusing primarily on child development. While in Fuzhou I have taught at Universities, Elementary, middle and high schools, kindergarten and at private training schools. We work with students and their families to enhance a students development as well as their academic endeavours. we use english as a tool to help students improve in all areas of their lives and work with parents to give them effective strategies and methods to raise their children we are concerned with all our students and their fulfillment of their potential.Who do we work with? [We do not accept all students parents as we recognize that many people have different needs of those that we do accept we expect compliance to our rules and a trust that is built with observable results. the families who come and implement our results. the families who come and implement our methods with 100% effort are more than satisfied with our results. the students consistently score high on their english tests at school as well as other subjects. coming to work with us has created strong, confident children who are able to not only reach their potential but also go out into the world and comfortably navigate life problems.



Hi, This is Sophie. 
I have been working with my husband Kevin McConnell for the past ten years teaching our students English, helping them better developed and also helping parents with their parenting issues.
A lot of people came here for English Class because they saw our students’ English speaking listening and writing are super excellent. Some came here just because they saw our kids have great ability to take the test at school easily. But the funny thing is we never focused on students English tests marks. What we are focus on are: The right parenting, The right attitude, build good habits, the scienticfic ways of learning, and the right parenting.

We do not do any advertising all the students come from other parents introducing. we believed education is education, its not a business.

we teach because we love it. and when you are doing something truly loved, you know the feelings.

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